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  • Where can I find the available dates?
    You can find our free dates via our booking software. Simply click on the button "Book now" and select - depending on your preference - the breakfast cruise or the sundowner. In the calendar, free dates are displayed in green. The dates marked in red are already booked. We do not offer trips on the days highlighted in gray. Please note: The calendars for the breakfast and the sundowner are separate from each other. Therefore, if you have a specific date in mind, it is worth taking a look at the other calendar.
  • How much are the tours?
    An overview of all prices and additional services can be found here: The price is based on the number of people and the travel time. In addition, various extras can be added directly in the booking process. For example, additional hours or pick-up at a different port.
  • How long are the cruises?
    The breakfast cruise is generally three hours long; the sundowner is two hours long. You are welcome to add additional hours of cruising time directly in the booking process. If you would like to make a swim stop during your trip, we recommend a trip time of at least three hours.
  • Do you have some ideas for what occasion the tours would make a great gift?
    There are plenty of occasions - and experiences are a gift you remember for a lifetime. So: First of all for yourself, to spend wonderful time together with your partner on Lake Constance. Or as a perfect setting for your marriage proposal! Or for a round birthday. As a great gift for a wedding couple. As a gesture of thanks for a big favor. As a great shared experience with a couple of friends. As a highlight of a beautiful vacation at Lake Constance! As a backdrop for beautiful photos of you and your partner. We will be happy to arrange a photographer for you - or you can simply bring along the photographer of your choice. Or as a classy prelude for a little bachelor / bachelorette party with your very best friends or girlfriends. Or much more...
  • Can I also pick up a voucher at the restaurant??
    Yes, you can also pick up the gift vouchers directly in our restaurant Strandhaus. If possible, give us a short notice beforehand and we will prepare everything for you.
  • Wie verhält es sich, wenn ich zusätzliche Fahrtzeit buche?
    Sundowner-Touren: Bei unseren Sundownern hängen wir die zusätzliche Fahrtzeit grundsätzlich "vorne dran" - fahren also früher los. Der Grund: Unsere Sundowner-Touren sind auf den Sonnenuntergang angepasst - würden wir später starten, fände die Fahrt in Dunkelheit statt. Seefrühstück-Touren: Beim Seefrühstück wird die zusätzliche Fahrtzeit in der Regel "hinten angehängt" - wir fahren also länger mit Ihnen in den Mittag hinein. In Einzelfällen ist nach Absprache auch ein früherer Start ab 9 Uhr möglich - kontaktieren Sie uns gerne, ob das in Ihrem Fall möglich ist.
  • I eat a vegan or vegetarian diet or have a food intolerance
    We are happy to cater to your wishes and take your diet into account - both for the breakfast and the sundowner cruises. We always discuss the details with you before each trip and coordinate the dishes with you. Since we prepare all dishes ourselves and fresh, we can take your wishes all into account.
  • Do I need to bring anything special for my cruise?
    Please take flat shoes with light soles. In case you want to swim: Swimwear, towels and sunscreen. In the evening we recommend to bring a light jacket - but we also have blankets on board.
  • Can we bring our kids?
    Yes, that' s not a problem. We have special life jackets for children and teenagers on board. Since our ship has a safe, closed board wall all around the aft deck, even your (small) children can sit very comfortably and safely with you at the table. If you go to the front deck with your children, we will be happy to help you put on the life jackets.
  • Where is the harbor? Where can I park?
    The base harbor of our motor yacht is the Bodan Shipyard in Kressbronn. There is a large public parking lot at the "Strandbad Kressbronn" where you can park at reasonable prices - even if you have more than one car. From the car park, simply walk about 100 metres in the direction of Kressbronn town centre and you will be at the entrance to the Bodan shipyard. We will pick you up at the gate 15 minutes before departure. You would like to come by public transport? Kressbronn is well connected to both Lindau and Friedrichshafen by train. From the train station, the harbor can be reached by foot in about 10 minutes. You would like to be picked up at another harbor? No problem! We are happy to pick you up in Lindau, Friedrichshafen, Romanshorn, Bregenz and other harbor on the Upper Lake. We charge an additional fee for this, which takes into account the distance we have to travel. We are happy to put together an individual offer that suits your needs.
  • With how many people can I come on board?
    Our ship can accommodate up to six people.
  • What are the cancellation conditions?
    In case one of the participants gets sick or something happens, we have very accommodating cancellation conditions. You can read them here in our terms and conditions.
  • When do the cruises start?
    Our breakfast cruises usually start at 10am - unless we discussed an alternative time. The sundowner cruises start two, three, four or five hours before sunset, depending on the booked cruise time. Since this time depends on the season, we will discuss the exact time with you as part of the detailed arrangement. Therefore, you will experience a beautiful sunset - ending your wonderful cruise.
  • I would like to propose on board.
    You would like to make your partner an unforgettable marriage proposal on Lake Constance? With pleasure! In order to make the surprise perfect, we organize everything discreetly and professionally in the background - and keep the secret, so that the surprise is successful.
  • Can I get married on board the motor yacht Strandhaus?
    An unforgettable place for your wedding vows: You are welcome to get married on board as part of a free wedding ceremony. Unfortunately, a civil ceremony is not possible - however, we will be happy to pick you up directly afterwards for the wedding cruise of your dreams! Enjoy a romantic cruise across Lake Constance as a couple - or with up to six of your closest guests. We can also take you to the restaurant or café of your choice, where you can have lunch with your guests or enjoy coffee and cake. This can of course be our restaurant STRANDHAUS - or any other restaurant or café on the upper lake of Lake Constance. Following the wedding cruise, we will then head for the port of your choice. If you wish, we can also book a photographer or speaker for you.
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